Soft Skills: How to attract our audience with webinars – VOICE


One of the trendy ways to share your expertise in your field is to organise a webinar. It is a great tool, easy to use and very effective because it positions you immediately as an expert in your field.

However it can be a disaster if you don’t take certain things into consideration:

voice1. The voice

Remember – the voice together with a presentation are your tools here. Before you go online you have to rehearse a bit. You have to hear your voice in advance so you can moderate your paste, voice, accent, pauses etc. It sounds like a common sense for many of you but those who are new in this journey should take those things really into consideration.

I follow different webinars, organised by corporations, schools or professionals. The examples are plenty. I just even finished a session of a webinar 5 minutes ago and I had a big urge to share my observations with you.

The voice of the lecturer was so flat that I couldn’t focus at all. The only reason I remained was that this information was new to me and I wanted to get more out of the webinar but I couldn’t.


accents2. The accent

If you are new in the webinar world, start doing webinars first in your own language so you can get some confidence. If you decide to do webinars or presentation in another language, please, make sure your accent is very mild because this can make the audience annoyed by it and you will not achieve the results you want.

I am not talking about cute celebrities movie accents. I am talking about doing business. It is difference.

I had a colleague of mine working as a sales representative and travelling the whole world meeting clients. He studied in UK and had very strong London accent. Don’t get me wrong – it is great. However the sales success of my colleague was not so good. We decided to check where the problem was. I went with him to several meetings and I found out that our clients couldn’t understand him completely, got intimidated and canceled the opportunity. So we asked my colleague to try to modify a bit his accent. The results were obvious.

The moral of the story: When you do international business or webinars for a broad audience, make sure you present with as universal accent as possible. 

3. Grammar

Every language has its own specifics and we have to take this into consideration when presenting information in it. Small grammar mistakes can distract the audience. The webinars are very good tool to prepare your texts in advance.

preparation tips4. Preparation, preparation, preparation

THIS IS A KEY, DON’T UNDERESTIMATE IT! No matter how experienced you are, please, prepare.

– record your voice before going online with an audience and make correction

– prepare your slides and write the text over them so you can see how the whole picture will look like

– time yourself!

– prepare small sentences or phrases you can use for transitions on the next slide

– make a spell check of the presentation

– use neutral accent

– try to be as natural when you speak as possible

Follow my Soft Skills series for better positioning your business online and offline!


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