Great opportunity to boost your soft skills!


Even passionate about nutrition & lifestyle, I still can’t go away from my past. And I don’t want to. This is great experience and knowledge collected throughout the years and it is so precious because it was gained from practice.

Some months ago one of the companies I worked for, invited me to put some courses together concerning the soft skills like presentation skills, commercial skills, sales presentation, telesales and last but not least, negotiations.

As this will be more corporate and tailor-made endeavour, I have decided to get some basics here and to share some of my knowledge with you. For this purpose, however, I need your help. I want to know what you want to know from the fields I mentioned above.

It is such a great opportunity to put some of my experience together and to share it with people eager for knowledge!


I am really excited about this project and I will be more than happy to know what are your challenges with your clients, where do you feel you need better boost and some tips?

Online is great however when you work with people, you have to be prepared to be impeccable offline too 🙂

Don’t forget – people are your clients both on and offline!

I am waiting for your comments here or you can drop me an email 🙂

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