How to build trust in my nutrition business

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When you say trust, what pops up in your mind?

Comfort, confidence, safe…

Safe. How do you make your clients feel safe? By creating trust.

How do you create trust? – this is the key question,right?

1. Make your  patients/clients feel safe

Make people feel comfortable around you. They need to know that you are there for them. They can rely on you and you can be the source of information for them.

So next time they have concerns about their doctors or something in your capacity, be there for them, even it is not directly to the point for your business. This can pay it off in the future. However, try to put some kind of rules in these relations because people go as far as you let them. If they become extra pushy, this is not because of them, this is because you let them that far.

2. Show your patients/clients Empathy

o-EMPATHY-facebookIf you are empathic to your clients patients, partners, they will come to you.

No one wants to be criticised in a hard moment or a feeling of discomfort for one reason or another. No one wants to be treated like a number as well.  We all want to be understood and to feel the compassion. I devote much more to specialists who treat me as a human not a patient. I need to have extra communication with them, to have something more to say.

I have the necessity to be listened and understood by the specialist I go to because the problem I come with has its source, its reason. I am much more complex than a symptom or a certain need.

So we need empathy. This is how we can bond with each other. If you manage to create this bond with your patients or clients, you will be surprised!

I remember last year after my first level Dutch I decided to continue and to subscribe for the next class. The teacher there was good but you could see that she takes you like the next number. She didn’t even tried to memorise our names, just was saying – next etc. When I asked her that she speaks way too fast, she told me in front of the class that may be my level is not good enough to be in this class. I was so furious that decided to change the class and go to another. You cannot imagine how terrible I felt.

Not because I was insulted or she would change my life with something but because there was no empathy, not even a try for it. She didn’t take into consideration nothing I have asked for. She had the chance to see me for more than a year because I was one of the best in class on the other levels.

3. You are human too

Your patients need to know that. They don’t need to know everything about you but to show them your human side. From time to time they need to know about your mistakes and failures. It is up to you to decide how much you want to share of course. However you shouldn’t forget that your patients or clients come to you to be heard and their problem to be solved.

So it is very important how you balance this. They are there for help, not to listen to your stories. Don’t overwhelm them with your own personality. Just give them a sign you make mistakes sometimes but you are devoted enough to their needs.

4. Individual approach

When you go out of your comfort zone, it is very important to have the understanding of the others around you. That’s why we as consultants have to be ready to walk this extra mile for our partners. Because every customer is a partner, every patient. Your business practice depends on the people who trust you.

If you go somewhere for the very first time you go out of your comfort zone, absolutely. This is the same with going to see a new doctor, trying a new product….You don’t go to the first person on the street to ask if this is good but try to find more information about it from people who are like you, who have something you have, who experience the same problem you experience.

Why people trust some people more and mistrust others? What is this inner feeling they have in order to get exactly this decision? And I believe this is the environment we create in order our clients to feel safe with us and to trust us. But this is not something rational but something completely irrational. It is exactly absolutely irrational decision making process.

Have you ever had a feeling that even everything is perfect you just can’t do it. Something tells you “please, stop!” This is the emotion that drives us when taking decision for more or less everything we do.

5. Be personal and authentic.

Approach each client as an individual with unique experiences, perceptions and values. When you’re talking to someone, look for similarities, things you have in common with. Finding links give you the opportunity to create the bond. Try to understand a bit more about your patients. Ask open questions, which can give you the opportunity to see the whole picture. Make your patients and clients feel comfortable to talk about themselves. You can be surprised how big is the need of a human being to share with someone.

If you like this article, like it. Follow my blog and you will have more of this. I don’t pretend to share secrets. Just things that work in my own practice.



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