The 11 Small but Essential Steps for Building Trust in Your Nutrition Business


No matter which business you are in, trust can be build with simple but essential steps. Consulting, direct selling, or any other services, BUILDING THE TRUST IS THE STEP towards your clients, patients, downlines, name it.

Here they are:

1. Respect the time of you client. Always ask how much time do they have so you can be as efficient as possible.

2. Create reasonable expectations – people get always disappointed because they didn’t meet their expectations. Nobody likes to have a balloon of dreams which can be totally broken. In the MLM industry you can see this so often that I am even surprised that people still click on this fake promises of getting the big money overnight.

With the patients is the same thing – if you recommend supplements or any kind of nutrition program, don’t give them the idea of the magical healing method. Keep in mind that you make only the recommendation. They have to put the effort of following a schedule and taking the products. They really need to know: NOTHING HAPPENS OVERNIGHT. IT DEPENDS ON THEM.

3. Keep your promises. If you promised the delivery to be this week, make it this week. If you have doubts about it – give yourself some space. If you confirmed a meeting or consulting session at a certain hour – do it. PEOPLE HATE WAITING.

If you make them wait, you automatically hurt the feeling of their importance.This can cause big damages.

4. Make sure that your patients, clients or downlines understand the process. 

If you have a patient who needs to lose weight because he/she needs to be operated, you have to explain the steps of your part.  He/she needs to understand how this can happen.

If you have a potential downline, being curious about your business, be straight to the point without talking about bright future etc. They need to understand the steps they are taking. With so many years in marketing and sales, honestly, extra pink empty balloons can make me quit of any opportunity.

If you have clients of your products – explain clear and simple how this supplements can work for them. “It is very good products” doesn’t work anymore. We are in the information business. We consult people. 

5. Don’t make them feel stupid! If you start explaining things way too complicated, you lose. They can feel intimidated and will stop listening to you. Make things understandable but not at a level of mentally retarded.

6. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN!!!! This is where so many fail. Listen to understand, not to answer!

You can be surprised how many things you can understand about your people just by listening. If you have attracted the clients online, make sure you have checked what they have reacted on – ad, capture page or certain image etc. 

7. DON’T OVERPROMISE. Nothing can work worse than this trust- and money wise. Don’t promise people miracles only to get them onboard. This is a very quick victory which costs too much.

Don’t promise them huge discounts as well. Many people have this problem. Once you give it, you cannot change it. People will expect exactly the same benefits if not more.

8. DON’T TALK ABOUT YOU – people hate that. They want to feel the attention from your side. Talk about them, their needs, their problems. This is where they can feel more comfortable with you.

9. Give people valuable information. Be their source of information in this field. If you supply your patients with useful tips they can easily apply to their routine, you give them the freedom of choice. THEIR choice. This is one of the most powerful steps you can make towards building the trust.

10. DONT’T LIE. Be honest. Being honest doesn’t mean being rude. If your business proposal requires start financial investments – say it.

If your patients have severe problems – do your best to consult them in the optimal way. Again, you just advise them and consult them.

11. DON’T ASSUME THINGS. ASK. There’s nothing more annoying than this. And believe me – the biggest misunderstandings come from here. “I thought that you will do” creates only disasters. Instead you can ask.

If you have to make an order clear – repeat it and wait for the confirmation of the order.

If you advise people for nutrition programs – make sure they understand what they are taking, how. If you have files they can take with them – great, give it. This can make your life much easier.

Because creating trust is actually building new comfort zone for your clients.


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