Blogging – How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Your MLM Business?

In Network Marketing field there are many companies already providing personal web pages. However, they are the same for everyone in the company. I really appreciate that I have a company website. It is a very good tool to work with.
BUT if you want to make a difference in your business, you have to have something different from the others. I have decided to start with a blog.

If someone wants to follow you, you have to know why.  This can happen with your own blog. If you are new in this field and you don’t know where to start from, I recommend you some

Like everyone, I have some influencers in the blogging field who stand out from the crowd for me. I really like those guys. They are straight to the point, easy to read and follow the tips, you can learn from and see how things can be done in a professional way. I found them by accident or they followed my Twitter account. I am happy they did.


Blogging-stand out

1. Pat Flynn with his blog The Smart Passive Income – Very easy to follow, very useful information and great tips. He works together with many professionals who will give you knowledge in more technical insights of the blogging.

2. Michael Hyatt with his website. – Practical, leadership motivational.

3.  Jeff Bullas with his website – Blogging tips selected in an easy way.

4. Kim Garst with her website

5. Yaro Starak, recommended by Pat Flynn with his blog and his newsletters.

This is a list of the winners in TOP 10 Social Media Blogs for 2012.  And here are the winners of 2014.



No matter which site you visit, you will see one common thing – content is the most important. It is easy to say, hard to make. True. Not all of us are writers. So how to get valuable content? You can start with several things until you get your own vision. On the other hand this can be very useful to other people reading your blog. The idea of the blog is to share ideas, examples, opinions… So, don’t hesitate to start from somewhere.

Mentioning someone else’s content doesn’t mean you have no ideas. Making your own research about certain things gives you more knowledge and value than you think.  These are some tips you can start the ball rolling.

Research about the industry you are in

Share other people’s content you find important for your business. Don’t forget to mention who has this nice idea and to link it to her/his blog/webpage. It is a matter of respect and professionalism. On the top of it – this is the idea of the digital world – sharing information!

Make sure you keep the main focus of your blog. There is a lot of information out there. It is very distracting but keep the main idea. This is how you position yourself and start building your brand.

If the focus is about your product, try to link the main focus with your blog posts. If it is about business, make sure you mention your business enough or make link to your business in your master pieces. If it is about your idea – make sure the posts you have are connected with it.

For example: My focus is the freedom and how to channel it so it can work for us when we start an own business. I believe that if we don’t know what to do with our freedom, we just waste our time. I do believe as well that people more than ever choose their  independence from regular job and strive for early pension. So most of my posts are connected to it and give tips and tools how this actual freedom can be achieved.


WHY, HOW, WHAT, WHO. Answering these questions will give you the purpose of your blog. I have started with one idea, then the idea evolved in a more meaningful to me one. So, I write about freedom and how to manage it in my network marketing business.

1. Why do you do this blog?

2.Who do you want to read your blog?

This will define your target. If you want to talk to a society with special interests – healthy food lovers, small business owners, network marketeers etc. Start with this.

3. How the content you produce will benefit the people?

This is crucial. If you want someone to read you and to follow you, you have to “solve a problem”. This can be – easy steps to do something, motivational leadership, industry insights which can make many people reading your information because they cannot summarise it from so many sources. The list is very long but you will decide for your self.

4. What do you want to achieve with this blog? (having more downlines if I am in the network marketing field, positioning myself as an expert in a certain field, presenting some tips and trick from my industry, keeping my recipes in the blog etc.)

So, happy blogging. If you have any comments, please, place them. If you find this article useful, TWEET IT to share it with your favourite social media. If you want to work with me, send me a message.


3 thoughts on “Blogging – How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Your MLM Business?

  1. Hey Dobrinka,

    Really like the post, I personally am just getting my blog in network marketing up and running, so I found your writing very helpful especially point no. 3 asking: who will my content benefit?

    Recently I wrote a post about what to look for when considering a network marketing company and I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it, you can find it here:

    Other than that I look forward to reading more of your posts, keep up the good work!


    1. Hey Tom!
      Thank you for the comment. I have made quite a few researches so I will be glad to share them with you and with the other people coming to read my blog.
      When it comes to choosing a MLM, I have drafted something about a month ago but never put it online. So you encouraged me to post it for next week. I have read your article and you will see the comment there 🙂
      Thank you very much for your appreciation one more time. If you still wonder which company to choose, have a look at the page CUP of COFFEE and drop me a line what you think.

      Keep going! The choice of freedom via network marketing is extremely good opportunity. Take full advantage of it!


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